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Chakra Rainbow Flags - Zero Point Crystals

Chakra Rainbow Flags


The Rainbow Chakra Series of flags features the artwork of Mara Berendt Friedman. Each flag representing one of the seven chakras from the Hindu Tradition. Set of 7 flags.

1st / Root Chakra: I Am
2nd / Belly Chakra: I Feel
2nd / Belly Chakra: I Feel
3rd / Power Chakra: I Act
4th / Heart Chakra: I Love
5th / Throat Chakra: I Speak
6th / Third Eye Chakra: I See

7th / Crown Chakra: I Know

Using the prayer flags' motif, each flag is hand-painted by artisans on high-quality 100% rayon and securely stitched onto a strong cord. String of 7 flags, flags measure 20″ x 11.5″.