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Onyx Globe Lamp 15" - Zero Point Crystals

Onyx Globe Lamp 15"


Natural Onyx stone, translucent and at times combined with some natural rustic elements within the rocks. Natures incredible works of art that truly come alive with lighting. Onyx is an amazing material that can vary so hugely from rock to rock in colors and movements. Once again as we often hear that nature is an amazing artist.

The individual pieces of stone were each formed individually beneath the earth, and so they are all a little different in color, shade, and pattern. This ensures that every single onyx lamp we offer is a one of a kind, with its own unique stone personality that is unlike any other in the entire world. 

Onyx Lamps bring gorgeous full tone light to any space. A beautiful lamp made out of sunrise onyx. This lamp measures approximately 15" in diameter and comes with an extra-long cord, allowing it to seamlessly add gorgeous light and form to your existing decor.