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Apophyllite (Single point) - Zero Point Crystals

Apophyllite (Single point)


High quality Apophyllite Point. The prismatic crystals of this Apophyllite are natural crystals, good form and clarity. The short prismatic habit is typical and often produces natural rainbows when the light is right. Mostly clear to white crystals.  The photo is representative of stock. Size is approximately 12x14mm (3-9 gms), some are larger and some are smaller. These are natural stones so they are all individual and unique*.  



KEYWORDS: introspection, truth, openness

Third Eye and Crown Chakras

“I open my mind and heart to awareness of higher realms.” 

 *Due to differences in light conditions and the complex nature of natural stones, the color of some stones may vary from their photographic image. Best efforts are made to capture the stones in their truest nature.