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Aqua Aura DT Point Pendant - Zero Point Crystals

Aqua Aura DT Point Pendant


Beautiful Aqua Aura Quartz pendant; cut and polished into a double terminated point; the stone is set with a simple open top setting so the double-terminated point may be fully appreciated!

Aqua Aura Quartz is created when a combination of titanium & niobium metals are fused to the crystal's surface - creating a beautiful iridescent blue sheen.

.925 Sterling Silver setting. Pendant measures approximately 45mm x 7mm, including bale.
Aqua Aura Quartz
Brazil │ Water Element
Cleanse, Solace, Expression
Throat & Third Eye Chakras

“My auric field is filled with peace & well-being; I am protected and attuned to the vibrations of higher worlds.”

Due to the unique nature of natural stones, each piece may vary in actual shape, size and color.

**If you have a particular request for the look or color of the pendant you would like, please leave us a note in your extra instructions upon checking out and we'll do our best to pick one for you.