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Bismuth Geode 2" - Zero Point Crystals

Bismuth Geode 2"


Bismuth is a silver coloured heavy metal in nature which cannot express its crystalline structure without re-crystallization help from humans. Bismuth does not crystallize naturally, because it is usually too crowded by the host rock to form as a crystal naturally.

Its geometry follows the Fibonacci sequencing making it fractal, which means that you can see the Infinite unfolding exponentially within its patterns and follow them back to Source. The spiral is never ending! 

These bismuth Geodes are approx. 2" - 2.25" in diameter, sold individually.



connectedness, vitality, transformation

All Chakras

“I am not alone, and I feel united to humanity in the shared joys and struggles of life.” 

*Due to differences in light conditions and the complex nature of natural stones, the color of some stones may vary from their photographic image. Best efforts are made to capture the stones in their truest nature.