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Black Tourmaline Merkaba - Zero Point Crystals

Black Tourmaline Merkaba


Black Tourmaline is a very powerful spiritual grounding stone that protects against negativity of all kinds.  It actually transmutes negative energy into positive energy. It offers two great abilities anyone can benefit from, amazing protection and the ability to purify at the same time. 

These Black Tourmaline Merkabas are approx. 1.25" and are sold individually. Due to the unique nature of natural stones, the exact color, shape and size may vary. 

The Merkaba (meaning light-spirit-body) is the energy sphere in which everything exists. The upward and downward interlocked tetrahedrons represent the duality of existence - body and spirit united in the harmony of a singular form.

Black Tourmaline


protection, grounding, vitality


“I banish all negative attachments, within & without. I am purified, grounded, & centered.” 


*Due to differences in light conditions and the complex nature of natural stones, the color of some stones may vary from their photographic image. Best efforts are made to capture the stones in their truest nature.