• We are a resource for expansive ideas, a retreat from ordinary life, and a gathering place in support of community and personal growth. Although we are known for the beautiful things we provide, it is the soul’s journey that we are here to nurture, uplift and serve. We invite you to discover for yourself the magic that is……..

    We have enjoyed meeting so many special people over the years and your support has made this site possible. While sharing these treasures with you at our store in Sandpoint we are excited to now offer these amazing treasures through our internet site.

    Our store offers an exquisite collection of gifts and tools that will assist you on your journey. Each product has been hand selected for its beauty, quality, and its authentic and meaningful nature. Our unique and soulful gifts are designed to support you in your personal spiritual practice and in the creation of a sacred sanctuary for your mind, body and soul. It is our hope that they will inspire you, nurture you, and help guide you along your journey. Enjoy browsing and thank you for visiting!


Our mission at Zero Point is to create an environment that restores and preserves life.


by developing the kind of relationships the promote Universal Truth

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