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Chumpi Stones - Zero Point Crystals

Chumpi Stones


The Chumpi Stones that we carry come from the Sacred Valley region of the Peruvian Andes. They are made of Alabaster and were hand carved by the shamans. These Chumpis were also attuned to us by a Q'ero (traditional Andean shaman). They are powerful tools for healing.

This is a complete set of 7 Chumpi stones, or chunpis. Chumpis are intimately connected to the sacred Apus (sacred mountains) and are used in healing ceremonies by Q’ero paqos (mystic wisdom keepers). They carry “belts” or bands of protective power of the Apus, and are helpful to open, clear, and strengthen personal energy centers. They are used in shamanic ceremonies throughout the Andes Mountains. During ritual, each mountain is named, revered, and then thanked for its contribution of precious energy.

Chumpis offered here vary from 2.0 to 2.75 inches across. This set includes one of each of the following:

7 point chumpi – carving of Snake (Sachamama/Hatun Amaru)

6 point chumpi – carving of Moon (Mama Killa)

5 point chumpi – carving of Jaguar (Otorongo)

4 point chumpi – carving of Condor (Apu Kuntur)

3 point chumpi – carving of Condor (Apu Kuntur)

2 point chumpi – carving of Coca (Mama Koka)

1 point chumpi – carving of Hummingbird (Sewar Kinti)