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Aquamarine Asst. Shape Pendant - Zero Point Crystals

Aquamarine Asst. Shape Pendant


Lovely pale blue genuine Aquamarines smoothly polished and simply mounted on a bale of sterling silver - a setting to showcase the beauty of Aquamarine and require minimal polishing. Aquamarine is the birthstone for March, and is a perfect casual piece for anyone's everyday wear!

Dimensions: 22mm x 9-12mm with bale.

*Due to differences in light conditions and the complex nature of some of gemstones, the color of some gemstones may vary from their photographic image. Best efforts are made to capture the stones in their truest nature.
*These Pendants are sold individually


Brazil │ Water Element
Soothe, Courage, Communication
“I embody the yielding, cooling power of water, and I express my truth with calm certainty.”