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Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer diamonds are double-terminated quartz crystals discovered in and around Herkimer County, New York and the Mohawk River Valley. They are given the "diamond" in their name for both their clarity and natural faceting – the crystals possess 18 total faces (six on each point, six around the center).

Herkimer diamonds became widely recognized after workmen discovered them in large quantities in the Mohawk River Valley in the late 18th century. Double-terminated quartz crystals may be found in sites around the world, but only those mined in Herkimer County can be given this name.

New York   │   Storm Element
Dream Work, Attunement, Purify
Third Eye & Crown Chakras
"I call forth my deepest dreams and highest visions and commit to attaining & grounding the highest spiritual energies in the physical world."