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Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass historically used for blades and arrowheads as well as decorative objects. Obsidian is found in a variety of color combinations due to the mineral variations, such as Mahogany, Snowflake, Sheen and Rainbow.

Black Obsidian
Mexico   │   Earth Element
Protection, Sincerity, Self-Control
Root Chakra

"I cleanse my energy field of negativity and ground myself to Earth's heart."

Mahogany Obsidian
Mexico   │   Earth Element
Clearing, Grounding, Growth
Root & Sacral Chakras

"I am worthy of the blessings of a good and fruitful life."

Rainbow Obsidian
Mexico   │   Earth Element
Renewal, Illumination, Optimism
Root Chakra

"I willingly choose to journey through the darkness of my unconscious, recovering lost parts of myself, moving to rebirth in the light."

Snowflake Obsidian
Mexico   │   Earth Element
Purity, Awareness, Courage
Root & Third Eye Chakras

"I call for assistance from the Universe, and I ask to be shown everything I need to see for my healing & awakening"